In 1886 Telford, located in Bucks County, was incorporated as borough.

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Workers’ Compensation Reform Act #44 of 1993

EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 1993, the Borough of Telford will no longer issue a building permit to a contractor, subcontractor or resident (i.e. plumber, electrician, mason, heating, ventilation and air conditioning) who has not demonstrated current coverage and compliance with the requirements of Act #44 by filing with the Office of the Building Inspector one of the following:

  1. Certificate of Insurance issued by your insurance carrier as proof of workers' compensation insurance for your employees; or
  2. Certification of self-insurance from the Department of Labor and Industry; or
  3. A notarized affidavit of exemption from workers' compensation insurance stating you will not hire any employees to work on the construction project.
  4. Register via company letterhead or billhead including address and phone number (Post Office Box not acceptable) your Federal or State Identification Number.

Borough residents and/or homeowners please note: If resident and/or homeowner will be performing the work, they must file a notarized affidavit of exemption from workers' compensation insurance stating that they will not hire/employ any individual or sub-contract work on the construction project.  A copy of this affidavit is below:

          Telford Borough Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit

Should resident and/or homeowner later choose or be forced to sub-contract work to comply with the building code, it is the responsibility of the resident to see that the sub-contractor comply with the regulations as outlined above.

Under Section 302 of Act 44, every building permit issued by the Borough to a contractor, sub-contractor, or resident shall clearly set forth one of following

  1. Name and worker's compensation policy and the contractor's and/or sub-contractor's Federal or State Employee Identification Number.
  2. Contractor's Federal or State Employee Identification number and the substance of the affirmation that the applicant is not permitted to employ any individual to perform work pursuant to the building permit.
  3. Resident and/or homeowner's notarized affirmation that he will not employ any individual to perform work pursuant to the building permit.

If the Borough received notice that you have had coverage terminated, lost state-approved self-insurance status, or employed persons without providing coverage, the Borough will, under Section 302 (e) (4) issue a stop work order. The stop work order may not be lifted until the contractor and/or the subcontractor re-obtains proper coverage.


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