Telford Borough is located in southeastern Pennsylvania, approximately 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

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June 4, 2018

The Telford Borough Council meeting held this date was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President Robert Baker with the following members in attendance: A. Miles Arnott, Carolyn Crouthamel, Mark Gehman, Jeffrey Maxwell, Jim Schaeffer and John Taylor. Also present were Manager Mark Fournier, Public Works Director Gary Yoder, Recording Secretary Megan McShane, Police Chief Randall Floyd, James Jacquette from Timoney Knox, Detective Daniel Fox, Jerry Guretse from the Telford Fire Company, Zoning Officer Richard O’Brien, Kyle Hoff from Hoff Properties, Rick Mast from Richard C. Mast Associates, Holly Brooks from Smokehouse BBQ, family members of Daniel Fox, residents Bill Ashley, Lori Rappold & Emiline Weiss, and a press reporter. Mayor David Snook was absent.

The invocation was given by Carolyn Crouthamel, followed by the pledge of allegiance.

AWARD PRESENTATION: Chief Randall Floyd presented Detective Daniel Fox with a Commendation from the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office for his exemplary work investigating the rape of a young girl.


A Crouthamel/Arnott motion carried unanimously (7-0) approving the minutes of the May 7, 2018 Borough Council meeting.


Manager Mark Fournier reported that the Borough has taken in 60.88% of its revenues and has spent 33.67% of its expenditures.

A Crouthamel/Taylor motion carried unanimously approving the Treasurer’s Report for May, 2018.

Mr. Fournier distributed and reviewed a spreadsheet that Finance Director Craig Davies prepared which details all of the PPL electric accounts for the Borough and Authority. Mr. Davies worked with Costars to find a lower rate and our new supplier will be WGL Energy. The new contract will mean a savings of over $42,000 for the Borough and Authority over the next 5 years.

MAYOR’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

POLICE REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

FIRE REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

LIBRARY REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Councilman Jim Schaeffer thanked the Public Works Department for the great job they are doing with patching potholes in the Borough.

MANAGER’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Mr. Fournier reported that there are some new required updates that the Borough will need to incorporate into our pension plan.

Mr. Fournier also reported that the centrifuge project is still underway at the WWTF; there have been some breakdowns and there is an electrical control panel issue that is being worked out.

BUILDING OFFICIAL’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT: We did not receive a written monthly report for the file.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.



            A-1       Greg Ede from Styer Associates presented the Audit for the year ending December 31, 2017.  There was a clean opinion of the Audit, and there were no findings.

            An Arnott/Maxwell motion carried unanimously (7-0) accepting the 2017 Audit.

            Mr. Fournier informed Council that Styer has begun the tax collector audit for former Tax Collector Emiline Weiss.

            A-2       A Crouthamel/Schaeffer motion carried unanimously (7-0) approving the bills for the month of May, 2018 in the amount of $236,578.11.


PZ-1     Sketch Plan Presentation – 114 West Broad Street

Mr. Fournier informed Council that Kyle Hoff of Hoff Properties was here to make a sketch plan presentation and share some thoughts and ideas that he has for the building at 114 West Broad Street. No action is required by Council tonight; this is simply an opportunity to provide comments and feedback to Mr. Hoff.

Kyle Hoff introduced himself, Rick Mast from Richard C. Mast Associates and Holly Brooks, one of the owners of Smokehouse BBQ. Mr. Hoff explained that he is a civil engineer, he loves old buildings, and he tries to redevelop them to make them something that people are proud of. He bought and refurbished the Popcorn Works building, the Broad Street Grind in Souderton, and also has done projects in East Greenville and West Point.

Mr. Hoff bought the property from Rock Community Church in 2013, and before that, General Cubicle was located there. He would like to find a way to keep the unique features of the building, and met the owners of Smokehouse BBQ at their food truck at 3rd Fridays in Souderton.

Holly Brooks stated that she and her husband Andy run the Smokehouse BBQ food truck, and that the business has taken off a lot faster than they had hoped. They think it’s a beautiful old building and can’t imagine a better spot for their business. She and her husband would not be looking to hire wait staff, but instead do a take-out service.

Rick Mast informed Council that the building is built to the property line, and there is no on-site parking. They would remove part of the building and create parking, and would have to work out zoning. There is currently 1,000 sq. ft on the first floor, and 1,050 sq. ft. upstairs that could potentially be a seating area.  Councilman Jim Schaeffer asked if there would be a handicap parking spot with accessibility into the first floor. Mr. Hoff explained that yes, there would be one available, and there will be 2 bathroom facilities that will be handicap accessible.

Mr. Schaeffer then expressed concern about the water that runs into the parking lot and goes under the building when it rains. Mr. Hoff informed Council that they would raise the foundation and the new entrance would be above grade, not below it like it is now. Mr. Mast added that they have not worked out all of these details yet.

Zoning Officer Richard O’Brien stood and informed the group that this is an incredibly preliminary plan. The developer would need to apply for a parking variance from the Zoning Hearing Board, and there are issues such as water service and fire suppression that will need to be addressed, which could involve the installation of sprinklers. An elevator may also need to be installed per the International Building Code, depending on the determined use for the second floor.

Council President Robert Baker stated that he really likes the concept of this sketch plan, and asked what next steps would be. Mr. Fournier informed Council that Mr. Hoff would have to submit preliminary/final land development plans, including a formal submission to the Telford Borough Planning Commission and the Montgomery County Planning Commission, then Council. Mr. Fournier added that Mr. Hoff could submit an application to the Zoning Hearing Board at the same time.

Mr. Hoff thanked Council for the opportunity to present his plan and Council thanked Mr. Hoff for coming and sharing his idea/plan.

Councilman Jeffrey Maxwell left the meeting at 8:30 pm.


E-1       An Arnott/Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (6-0) appointing Mark Gehman as the Telford Borough representative to the Northern Montgomery County Recycling Commission.


PW-1    A Crouthamel/Schaeffer motion carried unanimously (6-0) awarding the 2018 Oil & Chip Equipment Rental with Operator contract to Asphalt Maintenance Solutions, LLC in the amount of $10,470.

PW-2    A Crouthamel/Gehman motion carried unanimously (6-0) authorizing the sale of the Giant leaf vacuum to Kevin Logue in the amount of $2,206.36.


Mr. Arnott thanked Chief Floyd for the Police Department’s good work.


Councilman John Taylor reminded Council that Opening Day of the Indian Valley Farmers Market is on Saturday, June 16th, and the Penn Valley Church Festival is from June 12th through June 16th.



Telford Borough Council entered into Executive Session at 8:40 pm to discuss matters of personnel and real estate.

Borough Council closed Executive Session at 9:55 pm.

An Arnott/Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (6-0) authorizing the Manager to proceed with contacting a real estate appraiser to determine the value of a property for the Borough.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:56 pm by an Arnott/Crouthamel motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark D. Fournier                                                                                                                      



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