According to the 2000 census, this quiet, primarily residential community is home to approximately 4600 people.

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February 6, 2017

The Telford Borough Council meeting held this date was called to order at 7:29 p.m. by Vice-President Robert Baker with the following members in attendance: Carolyn Crouthamel, Stanley Nyce, James Schaeffer, Mayor David Snook and John Taylor. Also present were Manager Mark Fournier, Public Works Director Gary Yoder, Building Inspector Jesse Hill, Solicitor Mark Weand, Police Chief Randall Floyd, Sergeant David Bechtel, Officer Jeremy Kim, Officer Benjamin Brunner, Telford Fire Company President Jerry Guretse, Fire Chief Bob Wiszneski, Recording Secretary Megan McShane, family & friends of Benjamin Brunner, resident Lori Rappold and a reporter. Miles Arnott and Jeffrey Maxwell were absent.

The invocation was given by James Schaeffer, followed by the pledge of allegiance.


Mayor David Snook swore Benjamin Brunner in as a new part-time police officer for Telford Borough. Everyone welcomed Benjamin to the Borough.

Police Chief Randall Floyd informed Council that Sergeant Bechtel was given a commendation by Souderton Borough Council for his response and assistance to Souderton PD with a domestic dispute call involving an AR-15 on December 31, 2016. Ryan Kochersperger, who was a part-time officer for Telford Borough at the time, was also given a commendation for his involvement in the call.


A Nyce/Schaeffer motion carried unanimously (5-0) approving the minutes of the January 2, 2017 Borough Council meeting.


Manager Mark Fournier reported that the Borough took in 103.8% of its revenues and spent 98.69% of its expenditures for 2016. He added that the Borough finished 2016 with $133,133.59 in the General Fund, approximately $35-38,000 higher than we anticipated.

Mr. Fournier then informed Council that so far in 2017, the Borough has taken in 1.64% of its revenues and spent 5.99% of its expenditures. The year is off to a good start.

Councilman Stanley Nyce inquired as to where the funds in the Recreation Fund come from. Mr. Fournier explained that developers pay a recreation fee of $1,250 per unit, and the recreation fee for commercial projects is $.25 per square foot; Secant Medical and Indian Ridge Provisions paid that fee when they built their buildings. The Telford Fire Company receives a contribution of $250 per unit.

A Nyce/Taylor motion carried unanimously (5-0) approving the Treasurer’s Report for December, 2016 and a Crouthamel/Nyce motion carried unanimously (5-0) approving the Treasurer’s Report for January, 2017.

MAYOR’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

POLICE REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Police Chief Randall Floyd reported that the Police Department has received its accreditation; it will be voted on and made official at the next accreditation conference at the end of March. Mayor David Snook stated that this is quite an accomplishment for the Department; Telford Borough is the 108th department out of 1,117 departments in Pennsylvania to receive their accreditation. Councilman Robert Baker thanked Chief Floyd, the officers and police department staff for their hard work.

FIRE REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Mr. Guretse and Chief Wiszneski had to leave for a fire call before they could give the Fire Department report.

LIBRARY REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Mayor Snook asked Public Works Director Gary Yoder about the street sign update portion of his report. Mr. Yoder informed Mayor Snook that the Public Works department is replacing signs that have faded over time or that are damaged.

MANAGER’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Manager Mark Fournier reported that work has begun on the bid package for the CDBG Grant handicap ramp project. Ninety handicap ramps will be installed or replaced on the Montgomery County side of Telford Borough.

Mr. Fournier also reported that he attended a seminar at Lafayette College on February 1st about the legalization of marijuana. He said it was well attended, and there was a very interesting panel. Mr. Fournier added that Pennsylvania is going about it the right way, and stated that 2/3 of the municipalities in attendance have already been approached by individuals who want to build a dispensary or be a grower/distributor. Mayor Snook added that 3 of the municipalities in the Indian Valley Regional Planning Commission have already been approached, as well.

BUILDING OFFICIAL’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Building Inspector Jesse Hill reported that after the January Council meeting, he sent a certified letter to Brian Keeler regarding his Penn Avenue property, and that he and Mr. Fournier met with Mr. Keeler and a potential tenant for the property. Mr. Hill stated that the property must be cleaned up, and that half the items listed in his violation letter have been accomplished. Mr. Keeler has hired an architect to do a fit out of the property, and he is well aware of what needs to be done. Mr. Hill stated that it looks like things will get done before the March 6th deadline. Councilman Robert Baker thanked Mr. Hill for his work and asked if Council could get another update in March, and Mr. Hill replied that yes, he can give another update at the March meeting.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Solicitor Mark Weand reported that construction has not started yet at 329 Erie Avenue, but Arlington Square is moving along.

Councilman Stanley Nyce asked if the Borough is in compliance with our NPDES Permit. Mr. Fournier informed Mr. Nyce that the Public Works Department has been cleaning inlets and doing street sweeping more frequently, but there will be some requirements for the permit where the Borough will need to spend some money. Solicitor Weand added that Telford Borough is totally compliant with our current permit, but DEP is constantly changing the requirements.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.



            A-1       A Baker/Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (5-0) approving the bills for the month of December, 2016 in the amount of $ 329,811.73 and a Baker/Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (5-0) approving the bills for the month of January, 2017 in the amount of $250,548.77.





PS-1     A Nyce/Taylor motion carried unanimously (5-0) passing Resolution 17-03, which adopts guidelines for Telford Borough police officers when making authorized warrantless summary arrests.


DC-1     Councilman John Taylor informed Council that on Wednesday, March 8th, Souderton-Telford Main Streets is hosting So You Think You Can Cook, a fundraising event for Main Streets. Mr. Taylor encouraged people to attend and/or participate. Mr. Taylor also reported that Opening Day of the Indian Valley Farmers Market will be on Saturday, June 17th from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. Hours will be extended for Opening Day.



Borough Council entered into Executive Session at 8:35 pm to discuss a matter of real estate.

Borough Council closed Executive Session at 8:40 pm.

A Schaeffer/Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (5-0) extending the current lease with Salon Sarai for an additional 3 years, increasing the monthly rent by $25 each year to $875.00/month in 2017, $900.00/month in 2018 and $925.00/month in 2019.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:41 pm by a Schaeffer/Crouthamel motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark D. Fournier                                                                                                         



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