In 1886 Telford, located in Bucks County, was incorporated as borough.

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July 5, 2016

The Telford Borough Council meeting held this date was called to order at 7:31 p.m. by President Scott Hillegass with the following members in attendance: Robert Baker, Carolyn Crouthamel, J. Allen Landis and James Schaeffer. Also present were Public Works Director Gary Yoder, Solicitor Mark Weand, Recording Secretary Megan McShane, Tax Collector Emiline Weiss, Police Chief Randall Floyd, residents Bill Ashley, Regina Ashley and Will Ashley, Karl Harpel and Lori Rappold, and a reporter. Jeffrey Maxwell and Mayor David Snook were absent.

The invocation was given by Carolyn Crouthamel, followed by the pledge of allegiance.


A Landis/Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (5-0) approving the minutes of the June 6, 2016 Borough Council meeting.


As of June 30 2016, the Borough has taken in 68.63% of our revenues and has spent about 42.44% of our expenditures.

Borough Manager Mark Fournier reported that the Borough has received 98% of the property taxes for this year. The Borough has also received 79% of the Local Services Taxes and 56% of the Earned Income Taxes for 2016.

During the month of June, a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu was purchased from Bergey’s for $12,500. This will be used as the Police Chief’s car and was a budgeted item.

A Crouthamel/Schaeffer motion carried unanimously (5-0) approving the Treasurer’s Report for the month of June, 2016.

MAYOR’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

POLICE REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

A Crouthamel/Schaeffer motion carried unanimously (5-0) authorizing the Police Department to arrange for Brenda Dager to clean the second floor ladies’ and men’s restrooms every other week, at a bi-weekly rate of $25.00.

Council President Scott Hillegass asked if Chief Floyd could put together the fee schedule that he referenced in his Police report. Chief Floyd stated that the Department has a fee schedule, it just needs to be updated.

FIRE REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Mr. Fournier reported that Joe Rausch’s Borough-issued phone stopped working, but Mr. Rausch recently received a new phone through his full-time employer, and would rather not carry 2 phones, so the Borough does not have to replace his Borough-issued phone.

LIBRARY REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Mr. Fournier asked Chief Floyd if the Department received any positive feedback on the bicycle safety day held at Indian Valley Public Library, and Chief Floyd responded that yes, they have, and he included some of that feedback in the packet. The event went very well.


Public Works Director Gary Yoder informed Council that Main Streets is hosting Music in the Marketplace on Sunday, July 10th from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. There will be a live band, and possibly food and a few classic cars on display.

MANAGER’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Mr. Fournier reported that the Borough has received a modified subdivision plan for 329 Erie Avenue; Gavin Construction received a variance from the Zoning Hearing Board to construct one home on the property.

The Public Works crew paved Ridge Avenue where the waterline was installed earlier in the year, and they are currently relining sewers on West Broad Street and Carousel Drive. The crew will be paving North 3rd Street before the school year starts.

BUILDING OFFICIAL’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

 SOLICITOR’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Solicitor Mark Weand gave Council an update on current zoning matters in the Borough, and gave an overview of the Arlington Square agreements.

Councilman Stanley Nyce joined the meeting at 7:45 pm.

Solicitor Weand also gave a report on the Bucks County District Court hearing that was held on July 1st with Telford Borough and Brian Keeler about his property violations on the Bucks County side of Telford Borough; Building Inspector Jesse Hill and Chief Floyd attended on behalf of the Borough. A final inspection has been scheduled for Friday, July 22nd, and if the outstanding property issues have not been addressed as of that date, they will return to District Court and fines will be issued.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: We received a written monthly report for the file.

Phase II of the Lutheran Community at Telford, which is their wellness center expansion, is underway.


Borough resident Mr. Karl Harpel, who lives at 202 School Lane, stood and addressed Council. He is very happy with the quality of Telford water and was pleased with the latest Consumer Confidence Report, but was concerned that the wells will be overloaded with the Arlington Square development, and asked if TBA will have to buy water from North Penn Water Authority.

Mr. Fournier assured Mr. Harpel that the Authority’s safe yield of our wells is far above the amount needed each day. The wells produce 600,000 gallons per day, and the safe yield is over 1,000,000 gallons per day. Mr. Fournier added that TBA has to ensure through PA DEP

and other agencies that we can supply adequate water to all of our territories even in the driest times, and we have interconnections in place with North Penn Water Authority and Hilltown Township Water & Sewer Authority in case an emergency situation would arise.


A-1       A Maxwell/Crouthamel motion carried unanimously (6-0) approving the bills for the month of June, 2016 in the amount of $ 240,245.80.


PZ-1     The Planning Commission will meet on July 20th to review a minor subdivision plan submitted by Gavin Construction for 329 Erie Avenue.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITTEE: Nothing to report at this time.


PW-1    Telford Borough received notification from Montgomery County that the Borough is on the list of projects proposed for funding for the 2016 CDBG Program Year. If approved, the Borough will receive a CDBG Grant for $207,000 to use for the installation of 90 handicap ramps from Central Avenue to Penn Avenue; many of these will be new handicap ramps, while some existing ramps will be replaced.


PS-1     The next Public Safety Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, July 12th at 9:00 am.

 DEVELOPMENT & CULTURE COMMITTEE: Nothing to report at this time.


 The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 pm by a Crouthamel/Schaeffer motion.

 Respectfully submitted,

  Mark D. Fournier                                                                                                         



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