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In 1886 Telford, located in Bucks County, was incorporated as borough.

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Recycling Requirements

Recycling is Required in Telford Borough!


Click here to review the recycling requirements for Telford Borough residents: 

Recycling Requirements


Click below to learn more about Curb My Clutter, and also click here to learn about the latest initiative for Montgomery County residents to recycle clothing and electronics right from your doorstep!

Curb My Clutter


Click below for important new information on recycling in Bucks and Montgomery Counties:

Plastic Recycling Info - Bucks County

Recycling Info from Haulers in Montgomery County


 Telford Borough is a member of the Northern Montgomery County Recycling Commission (NMCRC), a group of 11 municipalities that work together to increase recycling and promote recycling awareness and education in compliance with the state's recycling law, PA Act 101 of 1988, as amended.  For more information on the NMCRC, including recycling information and Telford's recycling requirements, please click here:  Telford Borough - NMCRC Page


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